Internet Marketing Strategies and Drupal Tips

Dec 21 2017

Make Your Business Stand Out Online Today

Having an eye catching online persona isn't just a good idea, it's a vital necessity. In the age of the internet most marketing and sales are generated through online campaigns. There are several avenues you can take and it's best to jump on top of them all to reach as many potential customers as possible. You want to be maximising your selling potential. You don't want to be randomly pitching your product or idea to people that aren't interested. Getting online is a fantastic way targeting your chosen market audience. Anyone would agree that it's much better to advertise to one hundred people who actually want what your selling rather than to a thousand people and only fifty of them are actually interested. So get your company online now!

Dec 5 2017

Why An Exceptional Website Is Vital To Secure More Sales

We’ve all seen those visually stunning websites complete with more animations, videos, logos and graphics than you can shake a stick at. They look like they’ve been created with the aim to impress, yet when you delve a little deeper, it quickly becomes apparent that they’re a nightmare to navigate and you’re not actually sure what the company is selling. These websites are very much style over substance and this an aspect of web design that will do nothing to increase your sales. In fact, a website like this can do the opposite and see you losing parts of your customer base.

Dec 1 2017

A Shocking Number Of Businesses Are Unprotected, Don't Let Yours Be Next!

It’s mind-boggling how many small and medium-sized businesses are left unprotected. What does this even mean? It refers to your business not being protected from various things that can harm it. These could be financial aspects, digital hackers, and so much more. When a business is left unprotected, it’s easy for threats to get in and destroy the company.

Nov 29 2017

Give The People What They Want

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, there’s a few things you’re going to need to do to keep your consumer happy. All can be done with the power of technology. It is so advanced at the moment, there really is a tonne of things you can do to keep your business innovative and ahead of others. But first you need to know what they want in order to keep them happy. A lot want reliability, consistency, and good service. To confirm this, a little market research will show you exactly what they’re looking for. Take this information and apply it to the systems you use. Your website and app (if you have one) should be the main thing you’re focusing on, as this is the main platform people are going to be using. If you’re struggling for advice on how to better your systems, then take a read of this article.

Nov 23 2017

Putting Your Business Out There

Businesses that are new to their industry often struggle to be seen. It’s very difficult as a new company to break into an industry that is already established and has a lot of big fish already in the pond. Making your business known to customers is the only way you are going to be able to make money, and if you hope to survive, make money you must!

Nov 20 2017

Find New Sources Of Income To Support Your Entrepreneur Lifestyle

As an entrepreneur, you share a set of personality traits with some of the most successful people in the world. You know when to take risks, and you know when it’s best to wait for seeds to bloom. Perhaps a lot of this is instinct? Or maybe you’ve spent a lot of years watching, training, learning, and experimenting? Now you have a business that you’re proud of, but you’re itching to extend your reach and your success further. So where to next?

Nov 16 2017

5 Tips to Engage with Your Customers through Videos

If you are looking for new ways of engaging with your customers, creating eye-catching videos can provide you with loads of opportunities. Thanks to the advancement of the “Internet of Things”, today you don’t have to get a broadcaster to book you an advertising slot; instead, you can stream and distribute your ad and informative videos to targeted customers. If you are already excited about the concept of customer engagement through videos, read our five expert tips on how to get started.

Nov 15 2017

5 Ways To Speed Up Productivity With Software

Digital technology is constantly accelerating the rate at which we conduct business. New software is constantly being developed to speed up previously time-consuming tasks. Here are just a few ways that you can speed up your business’ productivity with software.

Nov 9 2017

Common Mistakes That Startup Tech Companies Make

The statistics regarding startup success do not make pretty reading. Depending on the research you use, anything between 70 and 95% of startup businesses fail. No matter what way you look at it, the odds are stacked against you. This is not said to deter you from opening a new tech business. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Avoid the common mistakes that most startup tech companies make that have been mentioned below so that you can put the odds in your favour.

Nov 7 2017

You're Bleeding Customers Online! Let's Heal The Wound

Perhaps this sounds familiar? Your website had been online for a short while and seemed to be doing quite well with customers and users, attracting a lot of interest. Then, suddenly, the number of customers started to drop off, and your site began to experience lower levels of profitability. What happened? You were doing so well! Well, here’s some of the reasons why your site might be bleeding customers and how to fix it.