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Nov 20 2011

How to Use Quickstart and Drush to install Drupal 7 website

How to create a Drupal 7 website with one simple command

In this tutorial, we will cover how to download, setup the database, and install a Drupal 7 website - all with one simple Drush command. This is available in the Quickstart environment only.
1. Getting Started with Drush in the QuickStart environment
Here are some simple Drush commands to get you started using Drush.
Nov 20 2011

Using Drush to Install Drupal 7

You can follow these simple directions and use Drush to easily install your new Drupal 7 website. These commands work well on a Linux operating system. If you are using Quickstart, there are some built in commands to make this process even simpler. See Using Quickstart and Drush to Install Drupal 7.
Let’s download the latest version of Drupal 7
Nov 19 2011

Updating your Drupal 6 website using Drush

I got the sample Drupal 6 website working on Quickstart. Now I want to update the modules and core using Drush.

My next step is to update all the Drupal 6 modules and Drupal core from 6.20 to 6.22. I changed directories to example6-dev and ran the command "drush update". I got the message asking if I really want to do this. Be sure to backup robots.txt and .htaccess files which will be over written. So I created a backups folder in example6_dev and made backup copies of robots.txt and .htaccess.
Nov 19 2011

How to Install Quickstart - Drupal Development Environment for Windows PC

Today I installed Quickstart – a development environment for Drupal which includes a PHP development environment, Drush, Git and other useful tools to facilitate building Drupal websites. It works for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Here's a quick introduction on installing Quickstart on your PC.
I’ve heard so much about Drush, the command line shell used to speed up mundane Drupal tasks such as downloading and installing modules. I remember that when I first started learning how to use Drupal, much of my learning time was taken up with downloading and installing the newly updated modules. Then I learned how to turn off the update notifications and decided to update at regular intervals.
Nov 14 2011

Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade your Shopping Cart from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6

I recently spoke with a client who has an e-commerce website built with Drupal 5 and Ubercart. I sat down to write the top 3 reasons to upgrade your website from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. Since Ubercart for Drupal 7 is in Release Candidate3 status, it's not ready for production use.
1. Many of the features you are asking for come built in with Drupal 6
- one step account sign up
- auto fill of billing address at the checkout
Nov 9 2011

Surrey Drupal Meetup: Nov. 10th: Building Responsive Website with Drupal

We are looking forward to our meetup this week on Nov. 10th at 6:30 pm. Trent Stromkins of will be presenting on Tips for Building a Responsive Website with Drupal. Examples include built with the Omega theme. Come at 6:30 pm to chat with others and the presentation starts at 7pm. You are welcome to order food and drinks, but it’s optional. A 15% gratuity is added to each bill since the ABC Restaurant does not charge us a fee to rent the meeting room. Wifi is not reliable so bring your Smart phone and tether your laptop to your phone if you must have Wifi :-)
Nov 3 2011

Drush Make is Easy to Use

At the recent PNW Drupal Summit held in Portland, Oregon, I attended a session by Jonathon Hedstrom about Drush Make. Here are my notes:

Drush Make is:
  • used to make Drupal Distributions
  • has site manifest including every version and patch
  • easy for devs to quickly get up to speed on a project
  • you can eliminate duplicate repositories
  • encourages contributing back to the community
Nov 3 2011

How to Add a PayPal Button to your Drupal Webform

Recently, a client of mine asked me to add a PayPal button to his website. He wanted to add a sign up form for a Trial Membership along with a PayPal button to make a small payment. So I searched on and found some custom PHP code that works very well. You will need to have an active PayPal account and some knowledge of PHP programming to follow this tutorial.
Oct 10 2011

New Look for

We updated our website to Drupal 6.22 and also updated our site design with a new home page layout. We hope you like it and we look forward to your feedback. The team here at Seascape Web Design will continue to produce successful business websites to increase your sales online. We build websites for businesses, conferences and interactive online communities.

Happy Thanksgiving from Katy and the staff here at
Oct 6 2011

7 Step Strategy to Get Top Rankings in Google

Here is an excellent strategy to improve your ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing, the top 3 search engines. I recently wrote this article while writing a proposal for a prospect. They asked Seascape Web Design to help them improve their search engine rankings and to increase traffic to their Drupal website.

What's your online strategy? Contact Katy for your own custom strategy to rock your Google ranking.

1. Preliminary report to determine where you rank for specific keywords is included in this proposal. We perform tests to determine how many sites link back to you. These are called backlinks or link popularity. We also test how many of your website pages are indexed by the top 3 search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing.