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Jan 10 2013

Surrey Drupal Meetup: Jan. 10, 2013: Optimizing Your Drupal Workflow

Katy will be giving a presentation on Optimizing Your Drupal Workflow including lively group discussion.

This presentation is an overview of best practices and valuable tools to improve workflow for solo devs and small teams.

Are you having problems when trying to build Drupal websites?

  1. You installed a new module and the site broke
  2. Help! A team member overwrote my changes
  3. Client changed his mind (again!) and wants the version from last week
  4. What was I thinking when I did this?
  5. How to save time when cloning Drupal sites
Learn valuable tools and best practices for building Drupal websites more efficiently. Recommended tools include:
  • using command line shortcuts
  • Git version control for documented backups
  • Drush commands for automating Drupal site build/upgrade tasks
  • Using local development environment, staging server to test your sites

I will be posting my notes in a series of blog articles so stay tuned.

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Dec 21 2012

Happy Holidays from Katy and Team at

Happy Holidays from Katy and Team at
Dec 19 2012

Top 15 Drupal Performance Tips

Get the best out of your Drupal site with these speed tips

Drupal is not known as the most performant application, neither is the PHP language it is written on, but there are lots of things you can do to increase the performance of your Drupal site. This article will touch on many of those methods covering key modules, configuring these modules and setting up other applications to aid your Drupal site.
Nov 26 2012

Convert More Visitors to Buyers with High Quality Images and Good Copy

Research shows that 80% of the buying decisions are made by women. Make sure your website color scheme, choice of images and website copy appeals to your women audience. When chosing photos for your new website, keep in mind that people want to see photos similar to themselves enjoying or using your services.

Nov 8 2012

Drupal Mobile Theme Links and Information

From Aimee and Michael of Mobix Creative
There are few free, ‘only mobile’ themes for Drupal and I have selected the actively maintained ones. The others do not have Drupal 7  (dev or released) version or no recent updates…
Theme name: Mobile (Actively Maintained) (for Drupal 7 as well)
Mobile is designed as a mobile-only HTML5 theme with a focus on clean, readable, usable display of content and accessibility of functions. You can use the base theme, use one of the included child themes, or make your own child theme.
Nov 8 2012

Designing Responsive Mobile-friendly Business Websites

Millions of smartphone users are searching the web with their mobile phones looking for your services. You need a mobile-friendly website to capture their attention and convert them from visitors into buyers. Many of you have business websites that look great on your desktop and laptop. How will you convert your large scale website with large amounts of information to work on the small screens found on mobile phones and tablets?

Like many companies, is working to build a solution that works well on both large and small screens. There are several options available. You can build a separate mobile-only website to attract mobile web users. Or you can build a responsive website that responds to the size of your mobile device and automatically resizes so that it looks good on both the small and large screens.

Katy of found some challenges involved in redesigning a large screen website to work on a small screen. Here are some of them:

1.    How to downsize large banners found in the homepage slideshow to work on smartphones?
2.    I have portfolio slideshow built with Lightbox with large screenshots and blurbs. How do I get this to look good on a small smartphone?
3.    What about background images?
4.    How to optimize navigation and content for mobile devices

Nov 5 2012

Surrey Drupal Meetup Update: Designing Mobile-friendly Websites

This is a reminder that you are invited to join the Surrey Drupal Meetup on Nov. 8th, 2012 at 6:30pm at ABC Restaurant, 15373 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC Canada

We are excited to have Aimee Chung of Mobix Creative ( to speak on Designing and Building Mobile-Friendly Websites. Learn about best practices and principles of mobile website development. Understand the market for smartphone/tablet development and which ones to best focus on. Be aware of the different types of external factors that affect the user interface design decisions that you make. Look at different tools for emulating mobile websites, validating, and testing. Get some useful tips for building mobile-friendly websites for Drupal. We’ll also discuss about how best to develop a mobile site, whether standalone or an all-in-one responsive site. Katy will be giving a short demo on Using Adaptive Theme to Build Responsive Drupal Website.

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Oct 18 2012

Great Presentations Planned for PNW Drupal Summit, Seattle WA

Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, Oct. 20-12, 2012 in Seattle, WAThe Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit is happening this weekend in Seattle, Oct. 20-21. Over 250 Drupal enthusiasts have signed up for the premier event for Drupal training and socializing. Some great sessions are planned including these from local BC Drupal Developers:
1. Responsive Web Design – Karen Smallwood of, Victoria, BC
Learn the basics of responsive web design. Everything from the initial intake meeting and questions to ask, to the information architecture and design needs to be tackled with a view to "mobile first.  We will demo how to set up and configure your own Omega sub theme with tips and tricks to help you along your way. Finally before diving into questions we will show you a variety of responsive website examples (built in Drupal of course). Follow the #drupalrwd hash tag to keep up to date with the latest news on Responsive Web Design for Drupal.
Oct 17 2012

Surrey Drupal Meetup: Designing Mobile-friendly Websites

Event: Surrey Drupal Meetup
Date: November 8th at 6:30pm
Location: ABC Restaurant in Fleetwod area of Surrey, BC Canada.

We are excited to have Aimee Chung and Michael Whyte of Mobix Creative ( to speak on Designing and Building Mobile-Friendly Websites. We are also looking for web designers and developers to share about your mobile-friendly projects. How did you redesign an existing desktop website to be responsive? Or did you go with a separate mobile-only website? Contact if you are interested in doing a demo/lightning talk for our meetup.

Please RSVP here:

Oct 16 2012

OCT 2012: Top 5 Ways to Improve your Website - Make it Mobile-friendly

After a brief hiatus, we are back publishing our monthly newsletter. Here at Seascape Web Design, we focus on designing and building websites that you manage. Is your website mobile-friendly? Reach millions of smartphone users with your new mobile-friendly website.

Top 5 Ways to Improve your Website and Make it Mobile-friendly
Increase your ROI with mobile-friendly business websiteSurfing the web with mobile devices is no longer just a growing trend – it's a business reality. As tens of millions of smartphones are sold each month, experts predict that more than half of all Internet usage will come from phones and tablets in the next 18 months.

This means that mobile web users are not just a small part of your customer base, but possibly the biggest part of it. With that in mind, here are five ways to make your business website mobile-friendly:

1. Ask your web developer for a mobile-friendly website design. Designing for smaller layouts that are used in mobile devices is a special skill. Be sure to ask your web developer if he/she has experience in designing and building mobile-friendly websites. Ask to see samples of websites they have designed and built with mobile devices in mind.