Internet Marketing Strategies and Drupal Tips

Oct 5 2012

Best Practices for Making Your Website Mobile-friendly

Katy recently attended Freelance Camp 2012 where Aimee Chung ( gave a very interesting and information presentation on Introduction to Mobile Web Design and Best Practices. Here are Katy's notes from the session:
Why use mobile-friendly web design?
  • there are over 6 billion mobile phone users
  • 20% of those (1.2 billion) use phone to browse internet
  • mobile web browsing is the next predominant Internet platform
Oct 5 2012

Interactive Online News Website - Express Your Opinion

Online News Site for Yellowknife City Council ElectionSeascape built this online news site to cover the upcoming Yellowknife City Council Election. We used Views to display Mayor Candidate profiles and Council Candidates. We added video interviews for each candidate. We added Ads and Polls, Issues and Opinion pieces. Editors and Reporters are able to add new articles easily. Articles are published upon Managing Editor approval. This site is built with Drupal 7.

Visit today!


Sep 23 2012

Launching Your New Website Successfully

As designers and developers, we spend a lot of time creating new designs and implementing them, building the site, adding content and setting everything up so the site owner or administrator can take over. In the rush to get a site completed, several important steps could easily be overlooked. This article covers the most important steps to take when getting your website ready to launch. This is written for designers and developers but site owners and administrators will be interested in learning the site launch steps.

This article is written for Drupal websites specifically. But the main items apply to any platform such as Wordpress or Joomla. Here is an overview:
Sep 22 2012

Three Easy Ways to Get More From Social Media Marketing

Are you having trouble managing all your social media accounts? With so many articles and special reports on the topic of social media marketing, you would think it was a complicated topic. But at its core, it's not really hard to understand at all. Using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find new clients is more like "old-style" marketing techniques of networking and word-of-mouth advertising than anything else.

When you think of them in that way, working with these sites seems less daunting. In fact, it seems more like the other things you already do to grow your company. To see what we mean, here are three easy ways to get more from social media marketing:
Sep 12 2012

How to Build a Mobile-friendly Theme with Adaptive Theme

The Omega theme seems to be the most popular base theme to use when building a responsive Drupal 7 theme. I started reading the documentation and after several pages, I grew weary. I was looking for a quick way to build a mobile-friendly theme for a volunteer project for my brother’s construction business. So I turned to Sky and Adaptive Theme. (
Sep 12 2012

Drupal CMS is Open Source, Flexible and Powerful

Introduction to Drupal Part 2

Here is part 2 of my Introduction to Drupal series.

Drupal is a popular Content Management System
  • This means that the user can add new content and edit existing content.
  • It is built with PHP and mySQL so it provides dynamic content

Drupal is Open Source
  • no license fees
  • available as a free download at
  • maintained by global community of volunteers
  • software is frequently updated to improve security, fix bugs and add new features
Sep 11 2012

Mobile-friendly Website Designed for Community Social Group

Unfettered Friends, a local singles group, approached when they needed a website to advertise their upcoming social events.We designed a mobile-friendly website so visitors can find the site quickly on their smartphones and tablets.

This community brochure site comes with attractive slideshow where the images automatically resize according to the size of your hand-held device or smartphone. It also features a custom blog. This Drupal 7 website is mobile-friendly and displays correctly on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and tablets. This site is currently under development and will be launching soon.

View larger mobile layout here




Sep 11 2012

3 Ways to Make Your Business Website Smartphone-Friendly

Surfing the web with mobile devices is no longer just a growing trend – it's a business reality. As tens of millions of iPhones and Androids fly off the shelves each month, experts predict that more than half of all Internet usage will come from phones and tablets in the next 18 months.

This means that mobile web users are not just a small part of your customer base, but possibly the biggest part of it. With that in mind, here are three ways to make your business website more smartphone-friendly:

1. Ask your web developer for a mobile-friendly website design.
Designing for smaller layouts that are used in mobile devices is  a special skill. Be sure to ask your web developer if he/she has experience in designing and building mobile-friendly websites. Ask to see samples of websites they have designed and built with mobile devices in mind.
Sep 6 2012

Surrey Drupal Meetup: Using Drupal Commerce to Build Online Stores

How to build online stores with Drupal CommerceJoin us on Sept. 13th at 6:30pm where Sheila Mullins and Francis Pilon from The Jibe ( will provide an excellent introduction to Drupal Commerce. Drupal Commerce is the next generation ecommerce suite for Drupal. Based on experience learned from the team who built Ubercart, Drupal Commerce combines ease of use and flexibility.

The presentation will cover the various components of Commerce Kickstart, an install profile that helps you get started in minutes. This presentation targets site builders who have some experience with Drupal, but everyone is welcome!

Sep 6 2012

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a popular, user-friendly, content management system. It enables you to manage your website content yourself.  You don’t need to pay license fees for proprietary software when you can download Drupal software for free. Drupal is modular and it’s easy to add new features by downloading and installing one of the many free modules available on Drupal is called Open Source because it is built by a global community of volunteers and is available at no charge. For more information, visit