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June 2010

Free Online Tools For Your Small Business

1. Primo PDF Ė This is a free tool that enables you to convert your Word documents and Photoshop designs to PDF format. It comes with a plugin that works like a printer. You choose it from your printer menu. Works great! I use it all the time to send design mockups and documents to my clients. www.primopdf.com

2. Skype Ė Download this tool while itís still free! Talk to your long distance clients for free by using Skype. Send them an invite to install Skype on their computer and you can talk on the phone long distance for free. You can also use it as an Instant Messenger and see when your friends are online and chat with them. Works well chatting with clients too because you can save your conversation and have a written record. - www.skype.com

3. Easy Screen Capture Ė Do you see a feature on another website that you would like to incorporate into your own website? Use Easy Screen capture to make a screenshot that you easily send by email to your web designer. Itís only $20.00 shareware. - www.longfine.com/

4. eFax Ė I use this email to fax service to receive faxes from my clients. I donít have a landline so I need to use a service like this. They have a Free 30 day trial and then itís only $50.00 for the whole year. View your fax on the eFax website. Unfortunately, the eFax Messenger software is not compatible with Vista or Windows 7. But you can just Right Click on your fax image and choose Save Image As.. to download your faxes to your computer. Thatís what I do. - www.efax.com

5. Mailchimp is a free online Newsletter management service for 0-500 subscribers. They also offer a few free HTML templates that you can modify yourself. You can also test your email newsletter in a multitude of email readers to make sure that your e-newsletter is displayed properly in a variety of email readers for a low price. - www.mailchimp.com/

6. iStockphoto.com is not free but it has professional quality photographs that are royalty-free for as low as $2.00 each. Give your website a professional quality look by using high quality photos available at istockphoto.com. - www.istockphoto.com

7. Google Apps - View your business email in Google's awesome email program. You can set up your domain email address (eg. name@yourdomain.com) with Google Apps and use the power and simplicity of Google's webmail to view your email from any computer with Internet access. I love the strict spam filter and the way that all the emails from one person on one subject are grouped together. Get 2 GB of free online storage to archive your email. Use the excellent search feature to search for lost messages. - www.google.com/a/.

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