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Monthly Internet Marketing Tips

December 2010

10 Tips to Promote Your Facebook Page

Important Note: Facebook no longer supports FBML. See articles on Facebook iframe.

In my last newsletter, I wrote about How to create a Facebook page to promote your business on Facebook.com. With 10 days left until Christmas, I have provided 10 tips on how to promote your Facebook page so you will get many new visitors. I hope you find these tips helpful. Thank you very much for receiving my newsletter. Send me your questions and topics for future newsletters. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

1. Create Fresh content so people will like to visit your Fan page. One of the best ways to do this is to import your blog content into your Fan page. Simple RSS provides an easy way to add feeds to your profile. Now you can easily share your blog, favourite feeds and shared items in Google Reader on your fan page.

2. Try Static FBML This is a Facbook App that adds functionality to your Fan page. It addes a box to your page in which you can render HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language) for enhanced Page customization. More info on using FBML on Facebook.

3. Add personal photos, personal welcome videos and other entertaining videos. Create a short video welcoming your fans and describe what they can do on your page. Add links to entertaining videos from youtube.com to provide enjoyment to your visitors.

4. Provide a place for interaction/self promotion. Start a thread on your Discussion Board that allows your fans to promote their sites or inviting fans to share Twitter IDs and to follow each other.

5. Invite your friends to become fans of your Facebook Page. Click on the link "Suggest to Your Friends" and select all your friends on Facebook and send them an invitation. You will see the message: "Your Facebook friends will receive a suggestion from you to become fans of this page."

6. Promote on Twitter. If you have a twitter account, promote your Facebook Fan page there. Encourage your friends to post a link to your Facebook Fan page. And you can link your page to your Twitter account by clicking on this link: www.facebook.com/twitter/. This link will direct you to a page where you can choose to share status updates, links, photos, notes and events directly from your Facebook Page with your Twitter followers.

7. Promote your Facebook Page to your email contacts. Include your Fan page URL in your email signature for all business correspondence. Also include your Fan page URL in your email signature for Customer support, customer status updates and other automated messages.

8. Put your Facebook Page URL on your Instant Messaging status. Put your Fan page URL on your Skype status. On Gtalk, let your Facebook fan page URL display whenever your IM contact hovers over your profile name.

9. Add a link to your Facebook Page to the home page of your website. Add an image that says "Become a Fan on Facebook" and link to your Facebook page.

10. Write a blog post describing your Facebook fan page and also describe some of the great fans on your page. Be sure to provide a link to your Fan page.

Send me links to your Facebook pages and I will "Like" them for you. In case you were wondering, "Like" is another term for "Recommend to a Friend" in the Facebook world.

Need some help to set up your own Facebook page? We will set one up for you. Contact us today for your 15% discount on Building and Promoting your Facebook Page Package.

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Thanks for reading!

Kathryn Laan, Creative Director
Seascape Web Design

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