4 Areas All Bloggers Need To Focus On More

Blogging is a world that is constantly changing. You have to be aware, involved, paying attention to every change so you can be sure you remain up-to-date. In the midst of keeping your fingers on the pulse, you also have to go through the everyday grind of keeping your blog running and creating good content.


Given how much bloggers have to think about, then, it’s no wonder that some issues don’t always get the attention they require. Below are four often-neglected parts of running a blog that you shouldn’t overlook. Take the time to keep your eye on the ball of these areas, and you can be sure your blogging career will stretch long and successfully into the future.

Getting A Fair Deal When You Work With Sponsors

In the early days of a blog, you might be so excited that sponsors want to work with you-- so excited that you don’t ask for adequate compensation for your work. If you’re going to be creating a blog post for a sponsor, then you have a right to ask for payment; a freebie isn’t sufficient payment for the time and effort involved. Have a read through the Fair Pay For Bloggers campaign to learn more about how bloggers and brands can work together to create a fairer compensation structure.

Marketing Your Blog Like You Would A Business

The reason you should market your blog like a business is because… your blog is a business. Sure, it’s an unconventional business, but if it’s generating an income, it’s a business. That’s why you need to market yourself accordingly, cultivating a brand, an identity, and a reach that goes beyond your blog itself. If you’re not sure how to do any of the above, then consider using marketing services by Mighty 8th Media and other experts in the field. They will be able to point you in the right direction, so that your blog can stand alone as a viable small business rather than just “your little corner of the internet”.

Showcasing Your Blog To Brands Relevant To Your Niche

There’s little point sitting back and hoping that brands and sponsors will stumble across your blog. Hopefully, a good marketing strategy will help you find and be able to work with brands in the future, but don’t forget the little ways you can grab a brand’s attention. Copy them into a Tweet or Instagram image where you mention their products; or outright email their PR rep with a friendly note about how big a fan you are of their work. Hopefully, more sponsorships should spring forth as a result.

Ensuring Your Blog Is Always Online

Finally, for a blog to succeed as a source of income, it needs to be online-- so that means you need to choose the right web host. If your blog is constantly going through downtime or loading slowly, then switch hosts as soon as you can. Your blog being offline is like having a store, but leaving the shutters down during the peak trading hours. Switch to a reliable host, so all of your marketing and promotional efforts have an active site to direct readers to.

Sometimes, blogging can feel like you’re juggling more balls than you have any chance of ever being able to control. All you can do is the best job you know how to, ensuring you take the time to focus on the above areas, as they could be the ones that make the biggest difference to the future success of your blog.

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