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I hired Katy as a Web Developer to help with updating our teen site as well as developing our new parenting site in Drupal. She is a passionate web developer with in-depth knowledge of Drupal. She was able to quickly prototype and work with my team and me to understand the business requirements and produce designs and implementations.
- Toyna Chin, San Francisco, CA

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Mar 26 2014

Drupal Maintenance and Understanding the New Release Cycle

We provide Drupal updates for our clients. Every month we apply the most recent updates to Drupal core and contributed modules. Currently there is no set schedule as to when a minor release of Drupal will be released. For example, a minor release is when Drupal is updated from 7.23 to 7.24. So in November 2013, Drupal 7.24 was released. It contained security fixes. It was recommended to upgrade immediately after reading the security announcement.
On January 3, 2014, Drupal 7.25 was released. This is a maintenance release including bug fixes and small feature improvements only. Drupal 8 is under development and significant new features are only being added to the new Drupal 8 release.
This release was followed quickly by Drupal 7.26 on January 15, 2014. This release fixes security vulnerabilities. Website owners are urged to upgrade immediately. However, some Drupal sites reported a major site slowdown after upgrading to Drupal 7.26 so we have postponed this upgrade.
Feb 19 2014

Updated: CSS Styles lost when aggregating, compressing CSS in Drupal 7.24

Note: This problem happens with a Shared hosting server using Nginx.

I recently launched a website using the latest version of Drupal 7.24. After launching, I went to the Admin page at and checked the box to Aggregate and Compress CSS files. All my site's CSS styling promptly disappeared. So, of course, I disabled this checkbox.

Then I checked the box to Aggregate Javascript files and my Admin Menu toolbar promptly disappeared.

I don't know what's causing this problem. Could it be the new .htaccess files that are included with the new Drupal 7.24? I understand that the new .htaccess files in the sites/default/files/css and /tmp directories is helpful to prevent hacking. 

Anyone else have problems with CSS styling disappearing?
Feb 19 2014

Drupal vs. Wordpress: The Benefits of Using Drupal

I'm working on a project where the client's first experience with Drupal was disappointing. They are planning to redesign the site user interface to make it more user-friendly. We were discussing whether to redo the site in Wordpress or to continue with Drupal. Rather than writing another Drupal vs. Wordpress article, I decided to write about the Benefits of Using Drupal. Here's what I wrote to my client:
I'm sorry that your first experience with Drupal wasn't what you expected. I hope that you will give Drupal another chance. I've worked on many Drupal sites that worked very well and were easy to use.
There's a lot of benefits to redesigning your website with Drupal:
  • A lot of the theme styling is already done and can be used with the new responsive theme
  • Your current Drupal site uses a module called Context which has a drag and drop interface that allows you to drag and drop content, images and blocks and rearrange the page layout in many different ways. This way you can position the blocks in different places on the pages. You can have an unique layout on each page.
  • The site also uses a module called Views which Wordpress doesn't have. It allows you to display pieces of content in listings on pages or blocks or slideshows or lightboxes. It's extremely flexible and powerful
  • Drupal's taxonomy or tags system is very useful. You can enter one promotion or event and tag it with several location tags and have it show up on several different pages or blocks.

I look forward to doing the UX design and re-building your website with Drupal. It's a dream project for me to be able to do both the UX design and also to build it out. I'm sorry your first experience with Drupal wasn't what you expected. I'm confident that I can redesign and rebuild your website so that it more than meets your needs and also is easy to use. I'm planning on building a prototype so you can test it out and see how easy it is to update the content.
Would you like a FREE consultation and demonstration on the Benefits of Using Drupal? Contact Katy[at] today!

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