4 Killer Questions To Ask Yourself Before Launching Your First App

Building an app can be a very great idea, and a good way to earn money or market a business. If you’ve spent a lot of time building websites, then an app could be the next step up for you. Of course, you want to ensure you build a successful app and not an unsuccessful one.

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The key to building a successful app is knowing when to launch it. So, here are some questions you should ask yourself before releasing your app to the world:

Have You Conducted Beta Testing?

Apps need to go through rigorous testing before they’re released to the public. One of the best ways to do this is through beta testing where you give people access to a version of your app. They can use it, test it out, and give you feedback. If you haven’t done this, don’t even think about releasing your app. You need a couple of long beta testing periods so you can see how people respond to your app and if it’s working properly. There are guides on sites like instabug.com that can show you how to set up a beta test and find people to take part, etc.

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How Many Errors Are Popping Up?

In short, if your answer is anything other than none, you’ve got yourself a bad app. There’s no reason for your app to show any errors before it’s been released. Once it’s out there in the public domain, that’s when you should start seeing errors. As it mentions on Stackify.com, monitoring error rates is one of the ways to track application performance. When more and more people use your app, the rates should go up, to begin with. Then, you work on all those errors, and the rate should drop and stay low. But, if you’ve got a high error rate during the testing process or before the launch, you’re asking for trouble. Put the launch date back and iron out those errors first.
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Is The App Fast?

Nobody likes a slow app, but some people get so keen to release there’s they don’t take this into account. If your app is slow, then no one will use it. They’ll download it once and delete it right away, probably after leaving a scathing review. You need to work on ensuring your app is as fast as possible before the launch date. It should boot up and close down quickly, and all the different screens should load up fast too.

Is The Time Right?

Finally, you have to ask yourself a question that doesn’t involve coding or app development. Simply put; is it the right time for your app to be released? This is relevant for apps that might be targeted towards a certain audience or based on a certain event. For example, let’s say you’ve developed a new Fantasy Football app for the upcoming NFL season, when is the best time to release it? Halfway through the season? Right at the end of the season? No, it’s a few weeks before the season starts as this is the ideal time where your target market is going to be interested in it. Be wary of this, don’t be afraid to push your release date back even if everything is good on the coding side of things.

Answer all four of these questions, and you’ll soon know if you should launch your app now or wait for a better moment.