Beware of CPU Throttling - Dangerous to your website health?

CPU Throttling has caused my client's Drupal website to respond very slowly to the point of disabling it occasionally. This website has only moderate traffic and overall moderate activity. My client is an author and publishes several articles every couple days.

But he chose to host his website at Bluehost using low cost shared hosting. And then he contacted me for help when he couldn't save the articles he had just written. The server was just too busy.

I checked with Bluehost tech support and inquired why my client's site was operating so poorly when it only exhibits a moderate level of activity. That's when I learned about CPU Throttling. According to Bluehost, some of the database queries are slow and taking up too much resources. So they applied CPU Throttling to the account. Which is actually counter productive. This practice further slows down the site response by placing more of a load on the server. I have a copy of the website running on another shared hosting environment and it works just fine. No need for CPU throttling at all.

CPU throttling is bad practice for the web hosting industry. If you host your website at Bluehost or Hostmonster and your site has been running unusually slow, then contact me. I will do a free evaluation and make recommendations for affordable hosting with high quality resources for your database needs.

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