DrupalCon Chicago, March 8-10, 2011

DrupalCon Chicago March 8-10, 2011DrupalCon Chicago is being held March 8-10, 2011. The DrupalCon Chicago team is renting Sheraton Hotel and Tower. It has 1200 guest rooms, 4 restaurants and 2 bars. And hopefully strong and robust Wi-Fi and lots of great coffee! All DrupalCon sessions will be held in the hotel and you can book rooms there for only $179.00 USD per night. Sounds awesome! After the sessions, you can go upstairs to your room and take a nap!
The keynote speakers will be Dries Buytaert, Drupal Founder, and Jared Spool, Usability Guru, and Clay Shirley, Internet Visionary. Drupal Training Day will be held the day before the DrupalCon begins in the University of Chicago building across the street from the Sheraton Hotel.

You can help promote DrupalCon Chicago by signing up to be a DrupalCon Chicago Ambassador. Go to the contact page and chooose category - Request for DrupalCamp or local user group sticker packet.  The kit comes with several DrupalCon stickers. You place them in unique places, take a photo and geo tag the photo and upload to Flikr, I think. Sounds like fun, sign me up. Me want DrupalCon stickers! Yeah! Only 191 days until DrupalCon Chicago! More Drupal Fun!

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Would you like to attend DrupalCon Chicago in 2011?