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Jan 26 2010

How to use Free Online Tools to Grow Your Small Biz

See upcoming FREE Webinars on How to Grow your Business:

I recommend this FREE online seminar (also called a Webinar) put on by

  • Learn about Facebook business accounts
  • how to use Twitter to advertise your business
  • and how blogging can help educate your prospects.

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Jan 25 2010

How to create a favicon for your website

Here's a great article on how to create a favicon for your website. A favicon is the little image that you see in your browser address bar to the left of a website's URL.

Download the favicon.ico Photoshop plugin here:

How to install the favicon plugin into Adobe Photoshop:

Jan 22 2010

How to View new Word documents with Older versions of Word

If you're using an older version of MS Word, you can download for FREE a compatibility pack so you can view documents created with newer versions of Word. See:

Jan 20 2010

Vancouver Solar and Wind Energy at

Announcing new website created by is a leader in providing alternative energy solutions

 for the Vancouver, BC Canada area. By using alternative energy, you will:

  • increase the value of your property
  • reduce your energy costs
  • be doing your part to protect the environment

For more information:

Dec 23 2009

How to Double Your Number of Guests Posts

I recommend written by Daniel Scocco. I've learned lots of good blogging tips from him.

The Trick I Used to Double The Number of Guest Posts on This Blog

by Daniel Scocco

Dec 22 2009

7 Mistakes to Avoid when Writing Email Newsletters

1. Be sure to backup your mailing list regularly. I recently had a client call me and ask for help in retrieving their mailing list. Someone in the office had cancelled their subscription to Mailchimp to save costs. And now they had no access to their mailing list database. When using third party software like Mailchimp, Constant contact, iContact, Vertical Response, etc, be sure to back up your mailing list monthly. There will be a function on their website that allows you to download your mailing list into an Excel spreadsheet.

Dec 22 2009

How to Get Great Testimonials from Your Clients

Oops, I forgot to post my November newsletter. Here it is:
November 2009

1. Ask your clients for their testimonials.

Many business owners are reluctant to ask their clietns for testimonials. This is especially common in women who don’t like to toot their own horn. Clients love to talk about companies they like and most will be happy to give positive comments when asked to do so.

2. Call your clients as part of your follow up and ask for their feedback.

They may not have time to write down a testimonial for you. Make it easy for them. Call your client on the phone and ask how they like your product or service. And ask for any questions or comments.

3. Offer to write it down for them.

You could say something like "that would make a great testimonial for my website." Offer to write it down for them and send it to them by email. Ask them to edit or add anything they wish and also to authorize it.

4. Ask your clients to be more specific.

If they say something like “you did a fantastic job”, ask them to be more specific and to describe a certain aspect of your service that they liked.

5. Ask for their permission.

Be sure to ask the client’s permission to publish their testimonial on your website or in your brochure. Let them know how you plan to use it.

6. Refrain from editing your client’s wording.

If your client sends you a written testimonial, use it as is. You can remove complete sentences if it’s too long but do not change the wording or the sentence order.

7. Include the client’s full name, title and name of their company, and city.

If you use only the person’s initials, it could be anyone and is viewed as less trustworthy.

8. Offer to include a link to your client’s website in the testimonial credits.

This will help promote both of your businesses at the same time.

9. Include a small photo of the person who gave the testimonial.

This makes it more personal and assures the reader of the truth of the testimonial.

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Nov 19 2009

Marketing Warrior Seminar: Nov. 19-20, 2009

Tomorrow I will be attending the Marketing Warrior event presented by Colin Sprake of It's Nov. 19th and 20th. For more info, see

Colin also gives FREE marketing events:

Colin gives excellent advice on making a great first impression with your business card.

Sep 1 2009

How to Survive a Computer Meltdown

When your computer dies, are you able to continue doing your business? We don’t like to think about it. But sometimes those little machines that we rely on every day to business, sometimes they do break down. Recently my video card died the day before a site was due to be launched and my computer would not start. Thankfully, I had complete website backups on my laptop and on my development server.

Jul 16 2009

Explode your Business Online in 2009

Building your business is all about marketing. Here are 7 tips to expand your business online in 2009.

1. Redesign your website regularly to capture your audience’s attention and be memorable. Use a content management system like Drupal so you can easily add a new design. You will also save time and money by editing and adding content to your own website.