Great Presentations Planned for PNW Drupal Summit, Seattle WA

Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, Oct. 20-12, 2012 in Seattle, WAThe Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit is happening this weekend in Seattle, Oct. 20-21. Over 250 Drupal enthusiasts have signed up for the premier event for Drupal training and socializing. Some great sessions are planned including these from local BC Drupal Developers:
1. Responsive Web Design – Karen Smallwood of, Victoria, BC
Learn the basics of responsive web design. Everything from the initial intake meeting and questions to ask, to the information architecture and design needs to be tackled with a view to "mobile first.  We will demo how to set up and configure your own Omega sub theme with tips and tricks to help you along your way. Finally before diving into questions we will show you a variety of responsive website examples (built in Drupal of course). Follow the #drupalrwd hash tag to keep up to date with the latest news on Responsive Web Design for Drupal.
2. Streamlining Drupal – Colin Calnan, Raised Eyebrow Studios, Vancouver, BC
We discovered a collection of tools that have helped us to streamline our time from inception to launch. In this session we’ll walk through our process from wireframes to final launch, with the end result being a fully functional, themed, Drupal site.

Topics we’ll cover:
  • Interactive wireframing using a CSS framework
  • Using Drush make and Features
  • Using a theme based on the CSS framework
  • Using a tool to speed up theming
  • Using a tool to present the site to the client
  • Versioning the database
  • Launching quickly

We’ll also make all of the code used freely available so that you can start speeding up your Drupal site build time immediately.

3. Using Gitflow – Brandon Stone of, Burnaby, BC
We'll go through the steps for setting up a professional project workflow designed for multiple developers and smooth code deployment.

Topics covered in this session will be:
  • In the beginning (Less cool ways to use Git & Github).
  • This is my repo, Get your own darn repo !
  • Committing like a cool kid.
  • Reviewing like a movie critic.
  • Merge conflicts. We are breaking up with you.
  • Deploying like a special forces battalion using simple PHP script and built-in Github tools.

*Everyone in this session gets free popcorn
*This session is focussed on intermediate to advanced Git techniques & Github tools.