How to customize your Site Offline page for Drupal 6

When it’s time to do maintenance on your website, it’s important to take your site offline. You can go to Site config > Site maintenance and set your site to offline. Also when there’s a problem with the connection to the database, the Site offline will also be displayed. The default theme for the Site offline page is Garland, one of Drupal 6’s default themes. You will see the smiling Drupal icon and shades of blue.

If you would like to customize this page to match your website theme, you can do the following:
1. Override the default maintenance page template
a. Copy your page.tpl.php to maintenance-page.tpl.php
b. Copy page.tpl.php to maintenance-page-offline.tpl.php
2.  Open settings.php and change default maintenance theme to your custom Drupal theme. Be sure to remove the # or hashtag to enable this line of code.
In the settings.php file, you will need to uncomment 3 separate lines of code. The hashtag means that this line is a comment. We need to remove the hashtags for these 3 lines:
  • The array declaration (# $conf = array()
  • The maintenance theme setting (#   'maintenance_theme' => 'minnelli',)
  • The closing parenthesis (# );)
You can also remove the hashtags for these settings to hard-code your site name. So it looks like this:
$conf = array(
   'site_name' => '',
#   'theme_default' => 'minnelli',
  'anonymous' => 'Visitor',
Be sure to uncomment (or remove the hashtag) the closing bracket or parenthisis that is located just before the String Overrides section.
If you would like to have your Site offline page match your website theme, please contact