Feb. 10th: Surrey Drupal Meetup: How to Git Going with Git

Are you new to version control? Or experienced in another tool such as CVS or SVN? This talk will bring you up to speed on why a distributed version control system such as Git is right for your projects.

Learn why Git is a great tool to use for your individual projects and the reasons why Drupal.org is moving from CVS to Git. Shawn, a web developer experienced in using Git, will be presenting on the basics of Git - the fast version control.

Shawn is a developer at Affinity Bridge where he has let Git manage his code for over a year so he can focus on more interesting problems.

Please RSVP if you'd like to join us. http://www.meetup.com/surrey-drupal/calendar/14698917/

NOTE: There's no cost for this event, however it would be great if you can come prepared to order something (some of us order dinner, some just drinks) along with a 15% gratuity as we really want to keep up a good relationship with ABC as they've been great in allowing us to book their conference room.