Learn to Streamline your CSS code with Sass

I’m learning to use Sass. It stands for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets. It’s a great way to organize and streamline your CSS code.

Here are some resources to get you started:

1.    Basic Introduction to Sass
This article gives a very good overview of what Sass code looks like.

2.    Installing Sass on Windows
This is a great tutorial on how to install Sass on Windows. This also works on Windows 8

3.    TheSassWay.com has lots of tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced topics

4.    Sass: Style with Attitude
This is the official website for Sass:

Further Reading

This should be enough to get you up and running with Sass, but there’s a lot more to explore: check out the Sass reference for a full account of what Sass can do, including all the options you can set .

If you need any help or if you just want to chat about Sass, hop on the #sass IRC channel on irc.freenode.net (if there’s no one there, the #compass channel is also a good place to try). Questions can also be asked on the Sass mailing list.