Niche Is No Excuse In Marketing

You may think your business is too niche to market, but give we live in a day and age where there are companies who sell socks in threes (Throx), host cuddle parties, rent out mourners for funerals and produce bacon flavored vodka, we’d say there is no such thing as too niche. The trick is to know exactly what is needed to maximise your marketing efforts, which doesn’t have to be as outside of the box as you may have imagined.

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Super-Sexy Website
This is the modern day business card and something absolutely every business the world over relies on. It doesn’t matter whether you are something as generic as a copywriting agency or a niche business that supplies oil water separators; great web design needs to be cherished, revered and celebrated. Just think about it. This is where existing and potential customers are going to head to find out all they need about you, it is what offers them information on your services. It is somewhere you can showcase your work and sell your successes, somewhere accessible that will improve your customer service. In no uncertain terms, your website is going to be your first impression, and you don’t get a second chance at that.

User-Generated Content
The modern world plays right into the hands of user-generated content through platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and whatever else is out there we haven’t heard of. What makes this so great for you is you can showcase your products and services without being too promotional or salesy - something that has zero impact on millennial consumers. Think of it as free advertising and a better way for you to connect with your customers. Maximising your impact is also pretty easy. All you have to do is feature people and businesses using your product or service on your social media pages, which can be done with little more than a hashtag.

Don’t Neglect The Offline World
Yes, the internet offers up some of the most delicious fruit going in the form of marketing, but sometimes, just sometimes, nothing can beat a bit of good-old fashioned offline marketing, something that can be of real benefit to those that are operating in a niche field. A great foundation to use is that of experience. People just get a much stronger bond when they can touch, hold, sample or get a feel for your product-slash-service, something you should take with you when it comes to trade shows and events. Another great offline tool is having a cause. Align yourself with a cause that is closely linked to what you do. For instance, using the oil-water separator business, you could partake in a charity event that raises money and awareness for wildlife affected by oil spills. It is up to you how you go about it, but people relate to causes like you wouldn’t believe.

One thing is clear, just because you operate in a niche market or sell a niche product does not mean that you are a disadvantage on the marketing front. Quite the opposite, in fact. After all, you have the ability to stand out.