Using Hootsuite to Manage your Twitter Account

Today, I signed up for a free 30 day trial for Hootsuite Pro. I used it to schedule my tweets for the day. You enter your tweets into a spreadsheet like Excel and upload the .CSV file for Hootsuite to send out according to your timeline. You need to enter your tweets in this format: Date Time, Message, URL. Messages cannot be duplicated.
A few weeks ago I tried out TweetAdder on a free trial. It has a lot more flexibility as to scheduling your tweets. You can upload a text file. I find it so much easier to type in a Word document than an Excell spreadsheet. TweetAdder allows you to duplicate your tweets and send them out at different times of the day. Many of your followers will check in a certain time of the day to view their twitter feed. So they probably won’t notice the duplication.
So far I like the Hootsuite user interface. It looks great and I can look at Hootsuite’s Publisher page and see all my scheduled tweets and what time they will go out. The TweetAdder interface needs some work. The font is not very clear when viewing your scheduled tweets. But with TweetAdder you can configure it to send out your tweets at random times or specify an interval like send them every 30 to 40 minutes.
 What is your experience with scheduling tweets? What tool do you like to use? Please leave a comment below: