Using Twitter to Grow your Business Online

1. What is Twitter? is a website where you can send short messages to the public. You create an account and start sending 140 character messages. These messages are called tweets. People follow you and they can see your tweets on their home page, much like your wall on Facebook. And you follow them and you can see their tweets on your home page. See my tweets here:

2. Twitter is a conversation. You can reply to other people’s tweets and they reply to yours and that way you can have a 2 way conversation.

3. Twitter is a search engine. All the tweets are archived so you can search for information. Put your search terms in the search field here: Anyone can search twitter for information. You don’t need an account to do so.

4. Twitter is great source of information. Many Twitter users say: “When asked a question I used to say, ‘Let's ask Google,’ but now I say, ‘Let's ask Twitter’.

5. Twitter is a good referral network. The top result in the search engines is determined by how search engine friendly your website is. But on Twitter it's a referral from a network which has way higher value.