Welcome to the Surrey Drupal Meetup

Hello! My name is Katy. I love helping people to learn how to use Drupal to promote their business online. I own and operate a small web development company called SeascapeWebDesign.com. We do graphics design and Drupal web development. If you need a dynamic way to connect with your new clients, we will be happy to explain how Drupal can work for you.
Thank you for coming to our meetup tonight. We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month. You’re welcome to order food and drinks from our waitress. The ABC Restaurant has been great in letting us book their meeting room at no cost however, in return there will be a 15% gratuity automatically added to your bill. There is public WiFi available (no guarantees) and no password is neeeded to access it.
If you’re new to the group or new to Drupal, you can read my blog at http://seascapewebdesign.com/blog, where I post articles on How to Use Drupal. I’m also on Twitter @seascapeweb.  Be sure to sign up at our meetup page and fill out your profile and say what your specialty is. If you do front end development (like me) and need an experienced programmer to build custom modules, then put that on your profile. I met Steve Liu, Drupal Developer and PHP Programmer, here at the group and we have worked on a number of projects together. My specialty is front end development, SEO and UI design. Contact me by email, katy@seascapewebdesign.com, and I will give you a free evaluation of your website performance including current Google rankings.
If you’re new to Drupal and would like more information on How to get started with learning Drupal, write down your name and contact info and I will contact you. I offer Drupal Training and Consulting. If you’re new at developing with Drupal and would like an experienced Drupal Developer to advise you on projects, sign up and we can set you up with someone. We can also talk about trading services.
More Drupal meetups:
Our next meetup is June 9th. Steve Krueger, a Drupal Developer from the Jibe, will be presenting on How to Organize your Projects Using Open Atrium. Open Atrium is a Drupal distribution that is available free at openatrium.com. It is similar to Basecamp and can be used to manage your projects and client communication.
More info: http://www.meetup.com/surrey-drupal/events/16607575/
On May 26th, Vancouver Drupal meetup is having a session on Drupal Site Translation and Translation Testing for D6 & D7 by James Andres.
More Info: http://www.meetup.com/Vancouver-Drupal-Users-Group/events/16899361/