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May 6 2011

How to build a Shopping Cart with Drupal’s Ubercart

Ubercart is a an excellent shopping cart that fully integrates with your Drupal website. If you want to sell products online, set up membership subscriptions or collect online payments, then Ubercart is a good solution for you.
Current Features:
  • Configurable product catalog includes catalog pages and a block to display product categories
  • Flexible product creation system It’s easy to add new products and to specify attributes such as color, and size.
  • Single page checkout. All checkout information gathered on a single screen composed of configurable checkout panes.
May 2 2011 Launches May 2, 2011 was launched today. Developed in Drupal 6, it advertises apartment and townhouse rentals in Langley City.  The listing pages contain lots of photos and detailed description of the amenities and location of each property. Google maps are embedded in the page to show the location. Each listing has a custom email the building manager feature. The contact info for the building manager is prominently displayed on each page. Rental Application forms are available for download in .PDF format.

Visit today!
Apr 26 2011

Use HTML5 now to enhance your Drupal projects

Here are 4 valuable resources  to help you apply HTML5 to your Drupal projects.

1. Use Boron as a starter theme and build your own HTML5 Drupal theme for Drupal 6 and 7.

2. Learn how to incorporate HTML5 in your Drupal projects here:

3. Drupal has an HTML 5 video player module.

4. More info on HTML5 here:

Apr 26 2011

Beware of CPU Throttling - Dangerous to your website health?

CPU Throttling has caused my client's Drupal website to respond very slowly to the point of disabling it occasionally. This website has only moderate traffic and overall moderate activity. My client is an author and publishes several articles every couple days.

But he chose to host his website at Bluehost using low cost shared hosting. And then he contacted me for help when he couldn't save the articles he had just written. The server was just too busy.
Apr 19 2011

How to Improve your Drupal Admin Interface

These 3 modules are 3 of my most favourite modules for Drupal 6. They do a lot to improve the look and feel and functionality of your Drupal admin panel.
1. Better Messages
This handy little module is amazing and makes your error messages look great. Instead of having Drupal admin messages showing up in your page and breaking your theme, you can view your messages in a beautiful graphical style with the Better Messages module. This module displays admin messages in an overlay and you can customize the location and even make it draggable. Just install the jQuery UI module and choose “Make Better Messages draggable” at the bottom of module configuration page.
Apr 18 2011

The Best Way to Update Contributed Modules in Drupal

Here is the best way to update contributed modules on your Drupal 6 website:
1. Put your site into Site Maintenance mode. Go to Site Configuration>Site Maintenance and set your Site status to offline.
2. Flush the cache. Go to Site Configuration>Performance. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click on “Clear cached data” button. I recommend installing the module called "Admin menu". ( It places all the Drupal Admin functions in a menu bar at the top of your screen. You can easily clear the cache by clicking on the favicon on the upper left side of the menu and select "Flush all caches". As a Drupal developer, I end up clearing the cache a lot so having this shortcut is really helpful.
Apr 13 2011

Surrey Drupal Meetup: April 14, 2011: How to Use Template.php to Power your Drupal Themes

I'm looking forward to our meetup tomorrow evening. Colin Calnan, Drupal Developer at Raised Eyebrow Studio, will be presenting on How to use Template.php to Power your Drupal Themes.

Colin says:
We'll explore the purpose of the template.php file in theming as well as the relevant Drupal API functions. We'll then delve deeper into creating the most basic functions needed in the file. Finally we'll explore the process of reading the code of other modules to help you find the places where you can change their output via template.php
Come and join us at 6:30 pm for our meetup at the ABC Restaurant in Fleetwood. Please RSVP here:
Mar 31 2011

New Website for Wagging Tales Pet Food & Supplies

Wagging Tales Pet Food and SuppliesWe are proud to announce a new website project. We are in the process of building a new website for Wagging Tales Pet Food & Supplies. Even though their website is under construction, they are open for business. Erminio has the best dog treats and the dog grooming services are extra special. My dog actually likes going there. Visit their website here:
Mar 31 2011

Mar 2011: Get Higher Google Rankings with Article Marketing

Article marketing is becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. Instead of reading ads that pushy or in your face, consumers are more likely to read informational how-to articles. Instead of writing why you’re the best real estate person in all of Vancouver, you can write an article on “How to Buy a House in Vancouver” and discuss the general process while giving good tips and free advice.

At the end of every article you get to add your information about you and your business to close the article. This personal closing encourages readers to click on the link to visit your website to learn more about you and your business.

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Read How to Get Higher Google Rankings with Article Marketing

Mar 31 2011

Best Free Online Tool of the Month - Free Article Submission

Here are 2 free websites where you can submit your best articles and increase your Google ranking today! has a free membership where all new members can submit 10 articles to prove the quality of your articles. After your first 10 article submissions meet the posted editorial guidelines, you can be upgraded to Platinum level. This allows unlimited article submissions and priority approval speed in getting your articles posted on their high-traffic website. Every article that you submit is reviewed by a person on their in-house editorial team. is a free article submission service which allows you to submit your free high quality articles instantly! Once you submit an article to, you would have literally thousands of readers worldwide as your article is published around the globe. Also, you can discuss with anyone who has the same interests as you!