Internet Marketing Strategies and Drupal Tips

Sep 5 2008

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Ranking in Google

1. Write Informative Content. Write clearly and accurately describe your topic. Provide high quality content on your pages especially your home page. Include keywords that visitors would use to find your website.

2. Build Links. Place links to your website on other websites with related content. These links help Google to find your site and helps give you greater visibility in Google search results.

Aug 18 2008

Your 1 Minute Introduction

I've been attending a lot of networking events recently. So I'm getting in some practice on giving my one minute intro. One of my favourite events is the eWomen Network event. They meet once a month for dinner or lunch and a speaker on a practical topic on how to grow your business. Here's some tips they gave me for giving a great one minute intro:

Here are some helpful preparation tips for tomorrow's networking event:

Jul 29 2008

What is Link Popularity?

You may have heard the term link popularity. It is the total number
of links to your website from other websites or directories.

Why is Link Popularity Important?

Having many good quality links to your website will increase targeted traffic to your website. Google tracks these links to your website and rates your website with a Page Rank number. Websites with a Page Rank 3 or more are the best ones to place your website link.


Jul 4 2008

Top Two Marketing Tips of the Week

Here is my top marketing tip for the week:

Super Duper FREE Online Marketing and PR Resources

including the Free Online Marketing Guide

I found this above valuable resource on
Great name!

My top blogging tip comes from my favourite blogger at

Jun 27 2008

Where does your website rank in Google?

Marketing tips for Professional Organizers in Canada.

To find how your website ranks in the most popular search engine, Google:

1. Go to

2. Type "professional organizers" bc canada in the search box.

3. Click on Google Search button.

1. You will see the 1st and 2nd listings are for the Professional Organizers in Canada website:

POC BC - Professional Organizers in Canada

Jun 19 2008

What is a blog?

I recently attended a workshop on Blogging for Business given by Mhairi Petrovic on June 17th.

One of the attendees piped up: What does a blog look like? I imagine little comment balloons popping up when someone makes a comment on a blog.

(By the way, that's a great visual idea - having comments pop up in balloons when commenting on blogs.)

That is a very good question. What does a blog look like?

Most definitions say a blog is an online diary or journal. Sort of but not quite. Does anyone want the whole world to read what's in your private diary? I think not. They forget to add a very important qualifier to their definition of blog. It's a very public online journal. More like a column in a newspaper. I like this definition found on

A blog is a website. (It looks like a webpage.)
It's a website where you write stuff on an ongoing basis.
New stuff shows up on top so your visitors can read what's new right away.

And blogs are more interactive than the normal website. Visitors can comment on each blog entry and add their opinion or facts thereby creating a discussion rather than just a static webpage. And the blog poster can respond to the comments and the visitor can respond again. So then we have a conversation. This builds community.

If you're new to blogging, a good place to start is at

. This blog is built on It's free to sign up and start a blog. They have a tour explaining the features of the blog. And you can restrict you views your blog. If you're a bit shy at first, you can show your blog only to your friends and family. And then later on you can show it to the world.