I hired Katy as a Web Developer to help with updating our teen site as well as developing our new parenting site in Drupal. She is a passionate web developer with in-depth knowledge of Drupal. She was able to quickly prototype and work with my team and me to understand the business requirements and produce designs and implementations.
- Toyna Chin, San Francisco, CA
It was a pleasure talking to you yesterday. I was impressed with your knowledge and obvious passion for Drupal. I'd love to get to know Drupal. I've a pet project of mine which I've been putting off for a long time.  I hope you can walk me through the basic steps of deploying my Drupal website.
- Ray, Vancouver, BC
“I do appreciate your excellent work and will be happy to receive your service. You demonstrated a great deal of professionalism. I will be definitely recommending your service to my friends and associates.”
- Iwona Czens, Langley, BC

"Seascape Web Design created a website for us that outlines our company in a simple and professional manner. Katy is always reliable, professional and knowledgeable."
- H. Barber, Kinghoe.ca, Abbotsford, Canada

"I'm very pleased with the results of my new Drupal website. We achieved #1 ranking in Google soon after launching our site."
- John Broxterman

"We met at a meet-up last year. I just want to say that your site looks fantastic and the newsletter you sent out contained some great tips."
- T. McCrea, zebralogic.ca