Drupal Training Conference in Chicago, March 7-11, 2011

Drupalcon Chicago March 7-11, 2011DrupalCon Chicago is starting next week with a day of training on Monday, March 7th. The Conference is March 8-10 with a code sprint day on the 11th. The SheratonTowers (renamed Drupal Towers) will be packed with Drupal enthusiasists for several days of interesting speakers sharing insights into using Drupal better. http://chicago2011.drupal.org/

I am excited to be starting several new client projects this month, so I am not able to attend. But we are proud to have many Drupallers from Vancouver attending and several will be giving presentations:

Angie Byron: Scaling the Drupal Community

Ariane K.: New Directions for Documentation

Vanessa Turke: Strategies for Client Management

Kat Bailey: Drupal 7 Javascript for Developers

Glenn Hilton: Building a Stellar Drupal Team

Karim Ratib: Views for Hackers

Vancouver and Victoria attendees:
Dale McGladdery, Darren Jarvis, Trent Stromken, Razvan, Ariane, Anne Stefanyk,
Glenn, Vanessa, Tom Ho, Angie, Karim, Kat Bailey, Malcolm and others.

If I missed anyone, please post a comment and let me know.


You must be proud to have

You must be proud to have many Drupallers from Vancouver attending and several will be giving presentations

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