Drushmake.me : Handy tool – Beware of errors

I was excited to learn about this website, DrushMake.me. It generates a Drush Make file which is a script for Drush, the Drupal Shell. It allows Drupal developers to download and install Drupal core and contributed modules using command line.

I recently used DrushMake.me to generate a simple Drush make file to build a simple blog site. But it wouldn’t work due to the following errors:

1.    Error message: could not locate drupal version 7

This line:

    projects[drupal][version] = 7

Should be:

    projects[drupal][version] = 7.19

Or it should be

    projects [] = drupal

2.    You can select your favorite contributed modules to include in your Drush make file. However, themes are also listed along with the module names. If you choose these themes, once you run the Drush make script, your themes will be stored in the modules folder and they will not show up on your themes admin page.

3.    So the next  time  I used this tool, I used the lower part of the form where you can type in the names of the themes you want to include. This time, I got error messages because the version numbers were missing.


Thanks It helped me

Just to thank you for posting this. It helped me. Lakshan