How to Build Your Conference Website with Drupal

Using COD - the Conference Organizing Distribution for Drupal
What is a Drupal distribution?
A Drupal distribution is fully packaged Drupal including modules, themes, configuration and views
- a group of modules and sample content to get you started with quickly building your conference website. Other distributions include Acquia, Open Atrium, Drupal Commons
- a distribution quick-starts your site development so you can focus on what makes your event special
Key Features
  • smooth checkout/registration workflow powered by UC Signup module
  • easy to sign up multiple people in one transaction with a minimum of forms to fill out
  • Session moderation – proposing and voting on sessions
  • Themable schedule grid
With COD, you can
  • Create a schedule for each attendee
  • Make it easy for attendees to register, pay and provide profile information
  • Manage a waiting list of attendees
  • Collect and display sponsor information
Also, there’s a BOF (Birds of Feather or small group gathering) scheduler available