Drupal conference websites

Sep 29 2011

Installing COD – Conference Organizing Distribution by Drupal

I recently installed COD, the Conference Organizing Distribution built with Drupal. I got this error message. Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in ..\includes\file.inc on line 958. This error happens every time I install a Drupal Distribution. I've tried various solutions but finally found the answer.
Sep 29 2011

Need a Conference or Event Website?

Get a complete conference and event website. It’s fully customizable and built with Drupal, popular open source content management system. The Conference Organizing Distribution is perfect for building conference and event sites online.
May 20 2011

How to Build Your Conference Website with Drupal

Using COD - the Conference Organizing Distribution for Drupal
What is a Drupal distribution?
A Drupal distribution is fully packaged Drupal including modules, themes, configuration and views
- a group of modules and sample content to get you started with quickly building your conference website. Other distributions include Acquia, Open Atrium, Drupal Commons
- a distribution quick-starts your site development so you can focus on what makes your event special