How to Use Quickstart and Drush to install Drupal 7 website

How to create a Drupal 7 website with one simple command

In this tutorial, we will cover how to download, setup the database, and install a Drupal 7 website - all with one simple Drush command. This is available in the Quickstart environment only.
1. Getting Started with Drush in the QuickStart environment
Here are some simple Drush commands to get you started using Drush.
First, some notes about file paths in Quickstart:
The tilde symbol, ~ , replaces this /home/quickstart/
~ is the same as /home/quickstart/
So ~/websites is the same as /home/quickstart/websites/
For Windows users, start your VirtualBox and see Quickstart environment running.
Type in these drush commands. The # is a comment that explains the commands. Don’t type that in.
# to see directory listing and see what directory you are currently inside
cd websites
# change directory to websites
# view websites directory listing
# view listing of the website folder for Drupal site,
# see all the commands drush has to offer
2. Install Drupal 7 with one simple command
Now let’s see how we can download Drupal core, setup the database, grant privileges and install the Drupal site - all with one simple command. Note:  This is available in the Quickstart environment only.
       drush quickstart-create
This command creates a Drupal 7 site with the latest version of Drupal 7 and performs  the following steps
- quickstart creates the dns for the domain, It added to /etc/hosts
so you can type in in your browser
- created database: test_dev
With username, test_dev and password test_dev
- downloaded Drupal 7.9 code to /home/quickstart/websites/
- created apache config  /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/
- also file_private_path was set to sites/default/files_private
admin user: admin
admin password: admin
Isn’t that great? All the commands listed in “Using Drush to Install Drupal 7” are replaced with one simple command. That’s the power of Drush.
Here's a couple more useful commands:
drush help quickstart-create
# shows all the options for this command
drush quickstart-destroy
# destroys the Drupal website we just created

This material was taken from the training video: Drupal Quickstart: Getting Started.


How to use quickstart and drush to install drupal 7

drush is very easy script through which we can easily access the drupal directory and files, even through one drush command we can install several modules too for drupal websites which was tidy work before.

Thank you for your excellent

Thank you for your excellent article.