HTML5 Rocks Drupal 7 was well attended in Surrey on Mar. 10th

Thank you to everyone who attended our Surrey Drupal meetup on March 10th. We had 20 people attend with many new faces. Here are some of the highlights of our meetup.
You can view the video screencast and download the slides here:
A big thank you to Roberto and Izzy for doing lightning talks:
• Roberto did a short talk on Stylizer, a CSS editor that speeds up your CSS theming. See
• Izzy did a short demo of QuickStart – the Linux Drupal Development Environment. This is worth checking out. Especially for Windows users, since Drush does not work on Windows.
Another important event happend on March 10th - the closing keynote speech at Drupalcon Chicago. Videos of all three keynote speeches are now available online here:   Other videos of Drupalcon presentations are available here:
For more info on HTML 5 and Drupal, see Jen Simmons Drupalcon Chicago talk. Slides are posted and the video is coming soon.
If you can’t wait for Jen Simmons Chicago presentation, then you can view her talk at Drupalcon Copenhagen here:
Upcoming meetups (Tentative topics)
• April 14th: Colin Calnan: Practical Uses for Preprocess functions. Intermediate Drupal theming.
• May 12th:  Theming for Drupal 7
• June 9th: Module Development for Drupal 7