Apr 26 2011

Use HTML5 now to enhance your Drupal projects

Here are 4 valuable resources  to help you apply HTML5 to your Drupal projects.

1. Use Boron as a starter theme and build your own HTML5 Drupal theme for Drupal 6 and 7.

2. Learn how to incorporate HTML5 in your Drupal projects here:

3. Drupal has an HTML 5 video player module.

4. More info on HTML5 here:

Mar 14 2011

Using HTML5 and CSS3 to Build a Blog Design

1. I found a really good tutorial by Net Tuts on using HTML5 to build a CSS layout for a blog. It also uses some new CSS3 techniques. You can find it here:

2. This tutorial was written in 2009, so some of the HTML5 specs have changed since then.
  • The element header must not appear as a descendant of the footer element.
  • The section element should not be used to wrap articles just to demarcate content as described here
Mar 12 2011

HTML5 Rocks Drupal 7 was well attended in Surrey on Mar. 10th

Thank you to everyone who attended our Surrey Drupal meetup on March 10th. We had 20 people attend with many new faces. Here are some of the highlights of our meetup.
You can view the video screencast and download the slides here:
A big thank you to Roberto and Izzy for doing lightning talks:
Mar 12 2011

Interview with Jen Simmons - Is HTML5 ready to use now?

Recently, I was in the IRC channel,  #drupal-html5, and I had a nice conversation with Jen Simmons about HTML 5. Jen is actively working to promote the use of HTML5 in Drupal.

jensimmons [] has joined #drupal-html5
<katy5289> Hi Jen, do you recommend we start using html5 in Drupal 7 themes?
<jensimmons> hello
 <jensimmons> katy5289: yeah!
<jensimmons> I'm going to....
<jensimmons> when it makes sense
<katy5289> when would that be?
<jensimmons> depends on the client and the budget of the project etc etc
<jensimmons> but also — why not!?!
Feb 15 2011

HTML5 & Drupal 7 - Surrey Drupal Meetup on Mar. 10, 2011

On March 10, 2011, we are proud to present a video presentation by Scott Vandehey (@spaceninja) of Metal Toad Media, Portland, OR.

HTML5 is ready to use today, and Scott will show you how to use it in your Drupal themes. During this session, you will learn the answer to these questions:

  • What is HTML5?
  • What features does it offer me?
  • How do I set up my themes to use it?
  • How well supported is it?
Feb 13 2011

HTML5 - Hot topic in web design industry

HTML 5 is a hot topic in the web design world these days.
  • New semantic HTML tags like header, nav, footer, article, aside and section
  • new API that allows one to edit webpages in your browser
  • draw pictures in your browser using <canvas> tag.
  • a new video tag that plays video files in iPad and iPhone - Will it replace Flash?