Introduction to Vagrant: Development environments made easy

Vagrant is a flexible, reproducible server.

Using Vagrant, you can set up a complete LAMP server in about 30 minutes
-          If you are working with a team and you want to ensure that each team member has the exact same server configuration, you can use Vagrant.
-          If you are working on custom PHP or Drupal core patches and you want to make sure that the recurring error message is from a code error and not a server configuration error, you can use Vagrant.

Jeff Eaton of has created a chef script that you can download and use to install your own local development environment in as little as 30 minutes. It all depends on your download speed since the Ruby script downloads all the software and sets up the configuration for you. It includes Drush, Git, Drupal 7 and  a LAMP stack including Ubuntu. It works on Windows and Mac computers and runs under Oracle VirtualBox. (

Experienced Drupal developers, Jeff Eaton and Emma Jane Hogbin use Vagrant to set up a unique server instance for each Drupal project. This is overkill for my needs. I like to use one server instance for all my Drupal projects. I used Jeff Eaton’s chef script to install a Vagrant server. The default setup is for one Drupal instance or a multi-site configuration. I added VirtualMin in order to set up virtual hosts so I can use Vagrant for more than one Drupal project.

You can download the script here: You just need to have Git (version control) setup on your local computer.

-          A script written to install Vagrant is called a chef script
-          Git version control is easy to install. See
-          DLAMP is an acronym that stands for Drupal Linux Apache MySQL PHP

For more information, visit:

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