April 2011: Why Choose Drupal? Here's 7 Reasons Why

We interviewed some of our clients and colleagues and asked them to explain in simple terms why they choose Drupal to build their company website. Here's what they had to say:

1. Drupal enables you to manage your own website content. Instead of having to hire a web designer to manually edit the HTML for each page and menu item, you can easily add new pages and edit all current content. This helps you save time and money by managing your website content yourself.
2. Drupal separates the site graphics design from the site structure. The site design is called a theme and can easily be changed to another theme by configuring some settings. This makes it cost effective when it comes to redesigning your website look and feel. Instead of having to re-code the entire site with HTML or PHP and CSS, you can change to a new theme without modifying the underlying site structure or code.
3. Drupal is modular. This way you can easily add new features at any time. Need a blog? You can enable the blog module and set up a few features like the archive and recent posts block and you’re ready to start blogging. Need to add links to share your website content on your social media sites? There’s a module for that. Want to post your Twitter feed or Facebook status on your home page? There’s a module for that, too.
4. Drupal security is high priority. Drupal has a team of volunteers that regularly test Drupal core and contributed modules. They look for places in the code that are vulnerable for attack from malicious sources. And they work to fix these security holes by developing and releasing patches to fix them. So Drupal security updates are released often to keep you website safe from being hacked.
5. Drupal is open source. This means that the software is open to the community to be tested and improved. And it has been developed by volunteers so it is available free of charge on Drupal.org. Many volunteers create contributed modules and release them back into the community so you won’t need to hire a programmer to create that new feature from scratch.
6. Drupal is search engine friendly. Drupal has several modules that will help you to set up your website so that you can add the content to help you rank high in Google and other search engines. More info to follow.

7. Drupal is scalable. You can build small brochure sites for the hobbyist or small business owner with Drupal. You can also build very large enterprise websites with Drupal such as grammy.org. Drupal is very powerful and flexible and using the Views module, you can customize your website content as much as you want.

Question for discussion:
Why do you use Drupal?
What questions do you have about using Drupal for your website?