Internet Marketing Strategies and Drupal Tips

Jun 4 2011

In May 2011, we launched new website:

We recently launched this site for the Newfoundland and Labrador Society of BC. We upgraded the site from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6, created a new theme and added a slideshow to the home page. The site editor functions have been improved by using CKeditor and the new custom photo gallery is easy to use.



May 31 2011

New Referral Networking Website -

A fun way to help friends, build referrals and grow your business
- receive referrals from colleagues
- give referrals and get cash rewards
- tap into the largest referral network
The Boston Globe says “ provides continual streams of leads to its members in a way that sites like LinkedIn and Facebook do not.”
May 31 2011

May 2011: 7 Step Strategy to Get Top Rankings in Google

Here is an excellent strategy to improve your ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing, the top 3 search engines. I recently wrote this article while writing a proposal for a prospect. They asked Seascape Web Design to help them improve their search engine rankings and to increase traffic to their Drupal website.

What's your online strategy? Contact Katy for your own custom strategy to rock your Google ranking.

1. Preliminary report to determine where you rank for specific keywords is included in this proposal. We perform tests to determine how many sites link back to you. These are called backlinks or link popularity. We also test how many of your website pages are indexed by the top 3 search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing.

May 30 2011

Next Surrey Drupal Meetup: June 9, 2011: Project Management Workflow with Open Atrium

Join us on June 9 for Surrey Drupal Meetup where Steve Krueger is presenting on Organize Your Life with Open Atrium. Learn how to organize your client projects and streamline communication between clients and all team members.
May 30 2011

Thank you to Shaun Dychko for presenting at Surrey Drupal Meetup

A big thank you to Shaun Dychko of He gave an excellent presentation at our Surrey Drupal meetup on May 12th, 2011. He demonstrated how he built a membership website using Drupal and Ubercart. Here's the site:

If you missed his presentation, you can see a more in-depth version on June 23, 2011 at the Vancouver Drupal Meetup: Building Membership Sites with Ubercart

May 28 2011

April 2011: Why Choose Drupal? Here's 7 Reasons Why

We interviewed some of our clients and colleagues and asked them to explain in simple terms why they choose Drupal to build their company website. Here's what they had to say:

1. Drupal enables you to manage your own website content. Instead of having to hire a web designer to manually edit the HTML for each page and menu item, you can easily add new pages and edit all current content. This helps you save time and money by managing your website content yourself.
2. Drupal separates the site graphics design from the site structure. The site design is called a theme and can easily be changed to another theme by configuring some settings. This makes it cost effective when it comes to redesigning your website look and feel. Instead of having to re-code the entire site with HTML or PHP and CSS, you can change to a new theme without modifying the underlying site structure or code.
May 25 2011

Update your Drupal core to fix security issue in error messages

Drupal 6.22 was released today! This minor release includes security fixes and bug fixes to make your Drupal site more secure and reliable.
May 20 2011

How to Build Your Conference Website with Drupal

Using COD - the Conference Organizing Distribution for Drupal
What is a Drupal distribution?
A Drupal distribution is fully packaged Drupal including modules, themes, configuration and views
- a group of modules and sample content to get you started with quickly building your conference website. Other distributions include Acquia, Open Atrium, Drupal Commons
- a distribution quick-starts your site development so you can focus on what makes your event special
May 17 2011

New Website Launched for

New website for Upgraded from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. More details to follow.
May 14 2011

Welcome to the Surrey Drupal Meetup

Hello! My name is Katy. I love helping people to learn how to use Drupal to promote their business online. I own and operate a small web development company called We do graphics design and Drupal web development. If you need a dynamic way to connect with your new clients, we will be happy to explain how Drupal can work for you.