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Mar 22 2011

How to Small Biz Owners can Save Money at Tax Time

Valley Women's Network is having its monthly luncheon on March 23, 2011 at Coyote Creek Golf Course. Lina Douglas, a Certified Management Accountant, will be presenting on How to Save Money at Tax Time. Lina says:
My passion has always been to help other entrepreneurs understand taxes; hence I specialize in Small Business and Home-based Businesses.I have been able to help thousands of entrepreneurs and look forward to helping many more.  What I like to cover in my presentations are tax strategies that you may be able to use to reduce the amount of income tax you pay if you operate a small business in Canada. 
For more information, go to
Mar 22 2011

Socializing your Way to More Clients and More Cash Flow

I listened to an excellent teleseminar today by Sue Clement of Sue gave some great tips on how to Socialize your way to More Clients and Cash Flow. When I first read the topic, I thought the seminar was about Social Media. But I was thrilled to be reminded of the good reasons to attend local networking events.

This teleseminar was broadcast on the web so I didn't get any long distance charges. I also had the option of listening via Skype. Sue talked about these topics: How to make connections to bring in more prospects, How not selling at networking events will get more clients and How to evaluate which networking events to attend.
Mar 15 2011

My Favourite Videos of Drupalcon Chicago for Design and Theming

How to Make Awesomesauce
Intermediate Theming
By Morten from Denmark

Avoiding Frankenstein Website Design: Collaborating with Clients
Samantha Warren

Design in the Browser: Use CSS to Stop Lying to Ourselves and Our Clients
Mason Wendell
Mar 14 2011

Using HTML5 and CSS3 to Build a Blog Design

1. I found a really good tutorial by Net Tuts on using HTML5 to build a CSS layout for a blog. It also uses some new CSS3 techniques. You can find it here:

2. This tutorial was written in 2009, so some of the HTML5 specs have changed since then.
  • The element header must not appear as a descendant of the footer element.
  • The section element should not be used to wrap articles just to demarcate content as described here
Mar 12 2011

HTML5 Rocks Drupal 7 was well attended in Surrey on Mar. 10th

Thank you to everyone who attended our Surrey Drupal meetup on March 10th. We had 20 people attend with many new faces. Here are some of the highlights of our meetup.
You can view the video screencast and download the slides here:
A big thank you to Roberto and Izzy for doing lightning talks:
Mar 12 2011

Interview with Jen Simmons - Is HTML5 ready to use now?

Recently, I was in the IRC channel,  #drupal-html5, and I had a nice conversation with Jen Simmons about HTML 5. Jen is actively working to promote the use of HTML5 in Drupal.

jensimmons [] has joined #drupal-html5
<katy5289> Hi Jen, do you recommend we start using html5 in Drupal 7 themes?
<jensimmons> hello
 <jensimmons> katy5289: yeah!
<jensimmons> I'm going to....
<jensimmons> when it makes sense
<katy5289> when would that be?
<jensimmons> depends on the client and the budget of the project etc etc
<jensimmons> but also — why not!?!
Mar 5 2011

Drupal Training Conference in Chicago, March 7-11, 2011

Drupalcon Chicago March 7-11, 2011DrupalCon Chicago is starting next week with a day of training on Monday, March 7th. The Conference is March 8-10 with a code sprint day on the 11th. The SheratonTowers (renamed Drupal Towers) will be packed with Drupal enthusiasists for several days of interesting speakers sharing insights into using Drupal better.

I am excited to be starting several new client projects this month, so I am not able to attend. But we are proud to have many Drupallers from Vancouver attending and several will be giving presentations:

Angie Byron: Scaling the Drupal Community

Ariane K.: New Directions for Documentation

Vanessa Turke: Strategies for Client Management

Kat Bailey: Drupal 7 Javascript for Developers
Feb 27 2011

Feb 2011: 10 Tips on Using Social Media & Facebook Pages

Here are some helpful tips to promote your business online using social media and Facebook pages. Please Like our Facebook page.

Have you Planned your Social Media Strategy for 2011? Contact Katy for free 30 minute Skype consultation. Only 5 slots available.

1. Tweet regularly every day at least 6 tweets and space them throughout the day. I do this using a tool called Hootsuite. Then when I have time during the day, I can spend time listening to other’s tweets and answering questions and sending tweets to indivuals and having a conversation.

2. Put your Facebook page URL on your Email Signature. One of the best ways to drive traffic to your Facebook page is to add the URL to your email signature. Also add links to your Facebook page to your Newsletters, Twitter pages, Skype statuses, and your home page.

Read 10 Tips for Using Social Media and Facebook Pages
Feb 27 2011

Best Free Online Tool of the Month -

The best free online tool is You can drop your files into the dropbox folder on your desktop and they get uploaded to your online storage space at Then you can open your laptop at the cafe and get access to the latest versions of your files by accessing them at your account at

You can back up your database files using the Backup Migrate module and by adding a patch, you can also store them at for other team members to access. See

Feb 23 2011

Learn how to develop effective Social Media profiles with Sherri-Lee Pressman on Feb. 23/11

Social Media Minder is Sherri-Lee’s brain child business that now allows her to teach, train, and assist in supporting other women business owners learn how to develop effective Social Media profiles, establish consistent communication channels, all the while targeting and building long term client relationships through the use of Social Media marketing strategies.

Luncheon Details:
Date: Feb. 23, 2011
Time: 11:30am
 Where: Eaglequest Golf @ Coyote Creek
7778 – 152nd Street, Surrey, BC