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Oct 17 2017

The Real Way To Bring In More Readers To Your Blog

So anyone who blogs longs for one thing above all: to have as many regular readers as possible. But the truth is that this is harder than you might think. While it might be relatively straightforward to bring in a few readers using some easy tricks, keeping people reading for a long time and coming back again and again is something else altogether. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to ensure that you bring in more readers - and keep them reading for longer. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to do just that.

May 1 2012

Frustrated by spam comments left on your blog?

Recently, my blog got a lot of attention. At first I was excited to see the large number of comments left on my blog posts. But as I read through them, I noticed they all contained links to websites that were off-topic. Spammers! They go to your blog and leave compliments and then post links to other websites that have nothing to do with your topic.
What to do?
It is frustrating for many bloggers when spammers leave mulitple comments on their  blog posts. Some have turned off commenting all together. There is another option. In blogs built with Drupal, you can require that all comments be approved before they are posted live.
So I have changed the settings in Permissions so that all comments must be approved before they get posted to the site. If a spammer leaves a complimentary comment with a spam link, I take out the spam link and leave the compliments. As the blog editor I have the job of editing comments and making sure they are on topic.

I encourage my readers to leave comments, add your opinion and other information that will add value to my articles and blog posts. You are welcome to post a link to your own website in your signature. All comments must be approved before they are posted live.
Mar 8 2010

Top 5 Blogging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here are some excellent tips on what mistakes to avoid in your journey to becoming a better blogger.

Business blogging can be exceptionally rewarding. When done correctly, a successful blog can bring attention to your business, can attract new customers, and can turn your current customer base into the type of fans that companies like Apple, Netflix, and Ben and Jerry’s have: people who will not only buy your product or service, but evangelize it to their peers. Of course, like anything, there is a right way to go about starting a business blog and a wrong way.

Creating a blog for your small business isn’t easy; it requires hard work and the ability to think creatively about your work. But if you avoid the five big mistakes laid out in this post, your chances of building a successful business blog will be much better.

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