Drupal 6

Feb 25 2013

How to setup multi-sites for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7

Setting up a multi-site for Drupal can be beneficial in several ways. Multiple Drupal sites are sharing the same codebase. This makes updating Drupal modules simpler since you only need to do it once for all the sites in the multi-site installation. Each site has its own database, theme and unique modules. Here is a tutorial on how I set up a multi-site installation for Drupal 6. The procedure is much the same for Drupal 7. I’m using a managed VPS with LAMP stack, cPanel and WHM. (Web Hosting Manager) Also: CentOs 4.7/Apache 2.x/mySQL 5.0/PHP 5.2
Resource: http://drupal.org/node/348619
Apr 19 2011

How to Improve your Drupal Admin Interface

These 3 modules are 3 of my most favourite modules for Drupal 6. They do a lot to improve the look and feel and functionality of your Drupal admin panel.
1. Better Messages http://drupal.org/project/better_messages
This handy little module is amazing and makes your error messages look great. Instead of having Drupal admin messages showing up in your page and breaking your theme, you can view your messages in a beautiful graphical style with the Better Messages module. This module displays admin messages in an overlay and you can customize the location and even make it draggable. Just install the jQuery UI module and choose “Make Better Messages draggable” at the bottom of module configuration page.
Apr 18 2011

The Best Way to Update Contributed Modules in Drupal

Here is the best way to update contributed modules on your Drupal 6 website:
1. Put your site into Site Maintenance mode. Go to Site Configuration>Site Maintenance and set your Site status to offline.
2. Flush the cache. Go to Site Configuration>Performance. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click on “Clear cached data” button. I recommend installing the module called "Admin menu". (http://drupal.org/project/admin_menu) It places all the Drupal Admin functions in a menu bar at the top of your screen. You can easily clear the cache by clicking on the favicon on the upper left side of the menu and select "Flush all caches". As a Drupal developer, I end up clearing the cache a lot so having this shortcut is really helpful.