Drupal upgrades

Jun 23 2010

Keep your website healthy and secure by upgrading to Drupal 6

A new project I'm currently working on is upgrading www.Fightwriter.com. It has 2500 articles about boxing. The original site was created in Drupal 4.5 and will be upgraded to Drupal 6.

The site owner first contacted me to ask me to fix his website. Since his web host company no longer supports PHP 4, his site broke down and he was not able to upload images to the website. Here's the advice I gave him.

Unfortunately, your current website cannot be fixed. You will need to upgrade to Drupal 6 to have a stable working website. You have plans to expand and improve your site, now is a good time to do that. We can update your design, add new features and give you a stable working website. Now is the best time to expand your website and add the new members section.

We recommend that you upgrade your website to Drupal 6. This means that we will build a new website for you in Drupal 6. The new website will be very secure and stable. Your old website software is no longer supported and will most likely keep breaking down.

This is good advice for anyone running a Drupal 4 website. Most web hosts have upgraded to PHP version 5 and no longer support PHP 4 which is used on most Drupal 4.x websites.

Drupal 7 is expected to be released late this summer. After that happens, Drupal 5 will no longer be supported. This means that no Drupal 5 modules will be updated or no more security updates will be available for Drupal 5.

Please contact us
to help you transition to a stable secure version of Drupal.