Git Training

Dec 13 2013

Git for Grown-ups

Emma Jane Westby has written a good tutorial on Git, the version control system. It goes into the "why" of Git, not just the commands you need to know to use Git. It's easy to read and appeals to adults method of learning.
Aug 23 2011

Get Your FREE printed book: Version Control by Example

This book uses practical examples to explain version control with both centralized and decentralized systems.
Topics covered include:
  • Basic version control commands and concepts
  • Introduction to Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS)
  • Advanced branching workflows
  • Strengths and weaknesses of DVCS vs. centralized tools
  • Best practices
  • How distributed version control works under the hood
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Aug 16 2011

Learning new commands for Git Version Control

Last week I made a copy of the Git Repo for a work project. I learned to use a new Git command called git clone. ($ git clone)
Here are the steps I took:
Make directory called found
$ git ~/.ssh
$ mkdir found
$ cd found
$ git init
Now we have an empty repository called the local repo or working directory.
To download the repo from the dev site
$ git clone url-of-your-remote-repo
Enter passphrase
Then I copied all the site files to htdocs/gvi-found
And I installed the Drupal site there.
Yesterday I received notifications from Unfuddle that our Git Repo has been updated several times. So my next step is to update my local repo.
1. Check the status of my local repo
$ git status
2. Download all the new updates from the remote repo
$ git pull
Enter passphrase
3. Copy all new files to the Drupal directory in htdocs.
Next time I will create the Git Repo in my htdocs/gvi-found directory so I don’t need to manually update my Drupal site files. That’s on my To Do List for tomorrow.
Jan 20 2011

Learn about Git - the Fast Version Control

I'm looking forward to attending How to Git Going with Git, our next Surrey Drupal meetup on Feb. 10th and learning all about Git. Here are some resources to read to give you a jumpstart on learning Git.

What are other articles and resources on learning Git do you recommend?