Git Version Control

Aug 12 2011

How to Install and Get Started with Git for Windows

This tutorial is an introduction to installing and using Git on a PC running Windows 7. I set up a XAMPP server using XAMPP 1.6.8. I have not installed Putty. I also have not installed TortoiseSVN or TortoiseGIT. The last time I tried to install Git for Windows with TortoiseGIT, things got all mixed up and I could not connect to my repository on There was a problem with the SSH keys and I kept getting an authentication error. 

My plan is to create a free public Git repository on and upload my Drupal 7 site to it. It will be a single user blog with photo gallery that is freely available for download.

Feb 13 2011

Git Going with Git was popular with both Surrey and Vancouver Drupallers on Feb. 10, 2011

I really enjoyed Shawn's presentation on Git Going with Git on Feb. 10th at the Surrey Drupal Users Group. We a record breaking turnout at 27 attendees with many coming all the way from downtown Vancouver.