Global Sprint Weekend

Feb 7 2014

Surrey Drupal Developers Contribute to Global Sprint Weekend

On January, 25, 2014, three members of the Surrey Drupal meetup participated in the Global Sprint Days here in Vancouver, BC Canada. All over the world, Drupal enthusiasts volunteered their time and expertise to contribute to the Drupal project. The newest version, Drupal 8, is a work in progress being built by volunteers all over the globe. Drupal is an open source CMS - Content Management System. It's freely available for download at

Jan 24 2014

Live Blogging: Preparing for Drupal Sprint Day - Jan. 25, 2014

Volunteers all over the world are contributing their time to fix bugs and test patches to build a better Drupal 8. For more info see:

I’m excited about participating in the Global Drupal Sprint Day tomorrow, Jan. 25, 2014 in Vancouver, Canada. I’ll be blogging about my experience here. In preparation for tomorrow's sprint, I’m following Sprint leader, Joel Pittet’s instructions found here:
Jan 20 2014

Drupal 8 Sprint Weekend - Jan 24 - 25, 2014

For Drupal developers and Drupal users:
RSVP for Drupal 8 Sprint Weekend here:

Friday evening, January 24th and all day Saturday Jan 25th is the Drupal Sprint Weekend, with local sprints being held around the world! Vancouver is no exception. The Jibe will be holding an all-day sprint at their offices on Friday Jan 24th @ 5pm and Saturday Jan 25th @9am-5pmish. The address is:

The Jibe
#202 - 311 Water St. Vancouver, BC (Canada)

This sprint will not have any specific focus, other than people should come to make public contributions to Drupal. Some examples of this could be