Membership websites

Jun 29 2011

Using for Canadian Membership Websites

I phoned and they said that when you use their payment gateway you will need to charge for your products in US Funds. But the payments you collect will be converted to CAD funds so you can deposit them into your CAD bank account.

You need 2 things to process payments online:
1. Merchant Account to process credit card payments
2. Payment Gateway to link your website to your Merchant Account to accept online payments.

Jun 27 2011

Case Study: Creating Membership Websites with Drupal Part 1

Case Study:
Client has a Drupal website with hundreds of articles about a popular sporting event like baseball. They would like to add a membership subscription component to sell access to their new exclusive website content. Since they expect their sales volume to be low to start with, they want to use a low cost payment gateway like PayPal to process the online payments. They have monthly, 3 month and 6 month membership terms.
In order to set up membership subscriptions, you need to set up Drupal’s shopping cart, Ubercart, to work with recurring payments.