HTML5 - Hot topic in web design industry

HTML 5 is a hot topic in the web design world these days.
  • New semantic HTML tags like header, nav, footer, article, aside and section
  • new API that allows one to edit webpages in your browser
  • draw pictures in your browser using <canvas> tag.
  • a new video tag that plays video files in iPad and iPhone - Will it replace Flash?

How can I use HTML5 with Drupal?
You can use HTML 5 now in your Drupal themes. Boron is a new Drupal 7 theme that uses HTML 5. Scott Vandehey of Metal Toad Media, Portland, OR, has created Boron, the starter theme for HTML5 and Drupal 7.

HTML5 Resources:
HTML5 for Web Designers
by Jeremy Keith - practical resource for web designers
Introducing HTML5
by Bruce Lawson - a reference book
- blog posts by Bruce Lawson on all things HTML5
Browser Compatibility checklist:
More HTML5 Resources:



Thanks for this I am just learning about HTML5 and really appreciated this information.