Installing COD – Conference Organizing Distribution by Drupal

I recently installed COD, the Conference Organizing Distribution built with Drupal. I got this error message. Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in ..\includes\ on line 958. This error happens every time I install a Drupal Distribution. I've tried various solutions but finally found the answer.
I Googled for a solution to this problem and read about several ways to fix it. I made changes to my.ini, php.ini and .htaccess files but the next time I installed a Drupal Distribution, the problem returned.  I finally found the solution here: The blog at is no longer live but I found a good article on the same topic. Thank you to Jonathan Beckett for solving a very annoying problem.

Defeating the Drupal Installation Timeout

If you have tried to install Drupal, or Open Atrium on a hosted web server, it's likely you have run into the script timeout issue I did, and have no way of changing the php.ini yourself to resolve the problem. I cheated - and this is how I did it. The error you typically get in the error log looks something like; PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in ...... I did a little digging through the code. The error is reported while running a function in that scans directories. This gets called by the install script while it's checking that required modules exist. Given that custom Drupal installs typically have A LOT of modules, it's no surprise that it might time out. There is an easy answer - comment out the line in the install script that makes the check;
  1. Open "install.php" from the root directory of your installation
  2. Find the line calling "install_check_requirements" and comment it out
  3. Save changes
  4. Run install again
Job done.


Thanks a lot!!!

After a couple of days search and search I found your answer.. really thanks a lot for your post!!!