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Apr 13 2010

DrupalCon San Francisco, April 19-21, 2010

I'm looking forward to attending DrupalCon San Francisco, April 19-21

Keynote: "The State of Drupal" 1:30pm, Monday, April 19th

Dries Buytaert will give his bi-annual State of Drupal talk in the beginning of DrupalCon SF, where he'll discuss where Drupal is and where it is going. In particular, he'll discuss Drupal 7, usability, the redesign, and other developments to Drupal.

More info:
Apr 7 2010

How to Prevent Identity Theft and Keep your Client Data Secure

I met up with George and Monica Greenwood last evening at the Langley HOBN meeting. George is giving a free seminar on Identity Theft Prevention. Here's the info:

Don't Let Identity Theft Happen to you, your family or your business!

Join us at the Coast Hotel and Convention centre,
20393 Fraser Hwy, LANGLEY, BC
Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
Doors open at 6:30 pm for a 7:00 pm start (precisely)

Admission is free - Please go to to register for free
Apr 4 2010

Update on

It seems that has been changed to You can still schedule your tweets.

Apr 4 2010

7 Tips on How to Use Twitter for Your Business - Part 1

1. What is Twitter? is a website where you can send short messages to the public. You create an account and start sending 140 character messages. These messages are called tweets. People follow you and they can see your tweets on their home page, much like your wall on Facebook. And you follow them and you can see their tweets on your home page. See my tweets here:

2. Twitter is a conversation. You can reply to other people’s tweets and they reply to yours and that way you can have a 2 way conversation.

Mar 8 2010

Top 5 Blogging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here are some excellent tips on what mistakes to avoid in your journey to becoming a better blogger.

Business blogging can be exceptionally rewarding. When done correctly, a successful blog can bring attention to your business, can attract new customers, and can turn your current customer base into the type of fans that companies like Apple, Netflix, and Ben and Jerry’s have: people who will not only buy your product or service, but evangelize it to their peers. Of course, like anything, there is a right way to go about starting a business blog and a wrong way.

Creating a blog for your small business isn’t easy; it requires hard work and the ability to think creatively about your work. But if you avoid the five big mistakes laid out in this post, your chances of building a successful business blog will be much better.

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Jan 26 2010

How to use Free Online Tools to Grow Your Small Biz

See upcoming FREE Webinars on How to Grow your Business:

I recommend this FREE online seminar (also called a Webinar) put on by

  • Learn about Facebook business accounts
  • how to use Twitter to advertise your business
  • and how blogging can help educate your prospects.

For more web design and marketing tips, visit

Jan 25 2010

How to create a favicon for your website

Here's a great article on how to create a favicon for your website. A favicon is the little image that you see in your browser address bar to the left of a website's URL.

Download the favicon.ico Photoshop plugin here:

How to install the favicon plugin into Adobe Photoshop:

Jan 22 2010

How to View new Word documents with Older versions of Word

If you're using an older version of MS Word, you can download for FREE a compatibility pack so you can view documents created with newer versions of Word. See:

Jan 20 2010

Vancouver Solar and Wind Energy at

Announcing new website created by is a leader in providing alternative energy solutions

 for the Vancouver, BC Canada area. By using alternative energy, you will:

  • increase the value of your property
  • reduce your energy costs
  • be doing your part to protect the environment

For more information:

Dec 23 2009

How to Double Your Number of Guests Posts

I recommend written by Daniel Scocco. I've learned lots of good blogging tips from him.

The Trick I Used to Double The Number of Guest Posts on This Blog

by Daniel Scocco